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Societa Cooperativa sociale a r l Pantagruel Onius

Perfect Match – Tools for High Quality Mobility Experiences (2012-2014)

An EU-funded Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project, the

goal of which is to develop tools to find Perfect Match placements

for trainees from abroad.




        For companies

        For vocational schools




TRAINEE – the term is used to cover all foreign trainees, apprentices, students and on-the-job learners hosted by SMEs

INTERMEDIARY ORGANISATION – the term is used to cover all organisations operating in the target country between the trainee and the SME (training centers, chambers, associations, “professional” intermediary organisations)

SENDING ORGANISATION –the term is used to describe all training centers, companies, chambers, associations – all parties sending trainees abroad to do a placement

Welcome to the

International Seminar for Bridging the Gap between the World of Education and the World of Work

 in Helsinki, 26.9.2014

Getting More out of Mobility through

Perfect Matching


Registration form

Please registrate by 10.9.2014!

The seminar will be organised in English.

The participants are invited to bring dissemination material

                  of their own projects.