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Perfect Match – Tools for High Quality Mobility Experiences (2012-2014)

     An EU-funded project dealing with hosting trainees from abroad in companies (all sectors)

     There were SMEs and umbrella organisations of SMEs involved in the development work

     In the project, we wanted to improve the matching; when the right trainee is matched with the right      company = Perfect Match



     When there is a Perfect Match , the trainee learns, vocational education develops - and also the             company can make the most of the experience

     Hosting a trainee from abroad can bring the SME a number of benefits related to the development of         the company, the training of the staff, marketing and internationalisation.  Take a look at the               Reasons to host - are one or several of them important for your company?

     Hear it from the other companies who have had positive experiences of hosting - see Videos



     You do not have to pay for hosting a trainee - but you will not be paid for hosting either

     The sending organisation normally takes care of the trainee’s insurances

            A co-operation structure with an intermediary organisation – with a local vocational training centre,                  for instance, provides you with a lot of support:
    • in finding the right trainee
    •  in the paperwork
    • in practical matters (finding accommodation, tutoring, local travel)
    • in case of linguistic or other problems

   Your duties as a hosting company will be: 

    • to take a look at the trainee’s skills and learning objectives, and think of suitable tasks for the trainee - how can you use the trainee’s skills?
    • sign the trainee’s agreement and certificate that the intermediary organisation has prepared with you
    • appoint a mentor for the trainee
    • give your feedback about the trainee’s skills


Contact the vocational training centres or other intermediary organisations in your own region and tell them that you want to become a hosting company!